Monday, January 20, 2020


It was the beginning of all things new, make no mistake!  John's Gospel awakens in us the earthy smells of the first creation when God spoke all things into existence.  Heralding what can only be understood now as a new creation, he declared that the One who is the light and life of all people has come into the world.  This One who was from the beginning with God, was God, and apart from him not one thing came into being.  This One took on human flesh and dwelt among us so that all people might know God, and believing in him (the Word made flesh), have salvation in his name.  What a rush!

Jesus came to those who were his own and they did not receive him.  Did that stop God?  NO!  The world's usual measure of determining what was of value, important, or powerful was forever disrupted, overturned and put on notice.  Immediately, Jesus began his ministry by calling and empowering those who appeared to be of no consequence to the larger scheme of things.  They followed him, watched as he healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, made the deaf to hear, and reached out to all manner of people (men, women, and children), who according to religious leaders, were beyond the reach of God.  Jesus touched the untouchables, those unclean or judged unworthy, and conversed with people who were not a part of the Chosen People of God.  Clearly the world was about to turn!

Of course, that got Jesus in a great deal of trouble, that and the fact that the multitudes flocked to see what he might do next and hung on his every word!  We can sympathize with how threatened those in power must have felt, after all, they had a great deal to lose if their authority was jeopardized.  Yet they could do nothing until "his hour had come", until his mission of reconciling all things to God was finished.  When that hour came, Jesus willing laid down his life that all people would have life through his death and resurrection.  Through the Word made Flesh, a door was opened and ordinary people envisioned a new way of being in the world.

It is to this life of humble obedience that Jesus called his first disciples, to see all others as having value and being loved by God regardless of status, gender, orientation, age, nationality, or worthiness.  Just as grace and mercy was lavished on them, so they were to love one another and all God's children. Lest we forget, all God's children includes "ALL" who came into being through him.  Every one, no exceptions!

Our Christian calling is the same.  If  we cannot see the new creation, it's on us....

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